Aircel is launching a set of new 3G Plans and we would like to share the same with you. You would recall that 3 years ago when Aircel launched Pocket Internet, it changed the way mobile internet was perceived and consumed. It truly democratised data for the consumer. With 3G we are at a similar […]


Best YouTube App For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on May 7, 2012

Windows Phone 7 is great OS with very powerful UI. On the tops, it is coming up with some really great apps that are exclusive to WP7 devices. This makes it unique and stand apart from the crowd. If you are owning a Windows Phone 7 device, then you must have known the shortfalls in […]


Best Indian News Apps For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on March 30, 2012

Indian magazines readers are very well acquainted with the leading news and business magazines India Today and Business Today. But, how much time does the working professionals get these days to actually go through these magazines in the print form which just lures only some budding students and that too the readership is on a […]


India is a growing country with economic boost all around. The people here are now getting out of their safety nets and are out there investing in the local as well as global financial markets and not just saving the entire amount left after the monthly expenditure like in the era before economic liberalisation. So […]


Windows Phone 7 OS has stormed the app marketplace with loads of wonderful and exciting mobile apps to woo their loyal customers. And this is inevitable taking into consideration the enormous level of competition amongst various mobile Operating Systems prevailing in the market. You would also like this Windows Phone 7 app exciting and would […]


View Pictures, Videos Stored On Nokia Lumia Phone On DLNA Capable Samsung TV and Other Devices

March 27, 2012

We are all aware of the fact that Nokia’s market share has been on the downward slope in past few years with other OSs and mobile brands catching up fast with their mind-boggling innovations in the mobile phones industry. So Nokia launched its Lumia series(Windows Phone 7 devices) and was depending on it big time, […]

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