A Crossword Game For Pocket PC’s or Windows Mobile Phones

by mohit on January 30, 2010

Just as the combination of droplets of moisture in earth’s atmosphere and sunshine results in a Rainbow, combination of a person’s interest in Crossword game and the ownership of a Windows mobile device results in the application called  HappyPuzzle v2.13.

HappyPuzzle is a crossword puzzle game for Pocket PC and Palm-sized PC (Windows CE 2.11).


  • Play and/or continue your game anyday and anytime.You can save puzzle game sessions in so called “Game files” (GME) so that you can continue your game(s) later.
  • As such its a freeware, so you download this application and enjoy it for free.


  • PPC2002, WM2003, WM2005, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.5
  • Palm-sized PC (Windows CE 2.11)

DOWNLOAD  HappyPuzzle free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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