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Abhishek Bhatnagar ( Author and Admin )

abhishek bhatnagar

Hi, I’m Abhishek, Software Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I am a part time tech blogger and believe in blogging because of my deep interest in technology and computers. I also author two other blogs, Technixupdate.com and MobileTipsTricks.com, you can know more about me from here


Gurpreet Singh joined us as a co-author for Mobile Tips and Tricks, he loves to play with mobile phones applying various tips and tricks and experiments by using various mobile phone applications to explore the functionalities of his mobile phone. He is very keen to learn about mobile technology and a very sincere and hardworking guy. I have known him for years. I am happy that he joined me at Mobile Tips and Tricks as co-author. Here some info about him

Gurpreet Singh – ( Co-Author )

About Gurpreet – I m electronics engineer and being one it’s hard for me to stay away from the electronics stuff, especially mobiles and their new developments. Blogging is a learning process and I discovered the inherent potential in me for being a successful blogger. You learn throughout life and so am I learning too. Here I m trying to provide you all with the latest info and seeking your comments in making this blog space a better place for you all.

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