Add animation to your phone with NiceDial

by Abhishek on September 27, 2008


Nice dial is an application that adds a touch of innovation and lots of animation to your phone. When using nicedial you can hear the number you have dialed and also you can see the enlarged and animated version of the number you dial. Even with entire new feature the application is still very easy to use. Nice dial can be a really useful application for the less fortunate people in assisting them in dialing the phone numbers.

Some Features of nicedial

1. To get started with this application you need to download and install it into your phone.

2. After you have installed the application, a nicedial icon appears in the icons menu and you can start it from there by just clicking at it.

3. When the first time you run nicedial on your phone, a pop up screen showing the manufacturer’s information will appear and it will continue to be on the screen until nicedial has completely analyzed the phone.

4. After the analysis is complete, the application minimizes and runs in the background and functions whenever you press a number to dial.

5. You can also switch off nice dial of you can make it come foreground or keep it running in the background either by accessing the task manager or by directly accessing the options menu of the application.

6. You can also adjust the volume of the number being pronounced to your desired level and the application is intelligent enough to take the volume settings from the current profile you have selected.

Another application which doesn’t have any negatives to talk about other than the fact that nicedial is supported only on s60 v6.1, 7 and 8 phones. Compatibility with more phones would be a desired feature to have in nicedial.

Supported phones for nicedial are -  Symbian Series 60 (S60) v.6.1, v.7.0, v.8.0

Download NiceDial

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