Add To Calendar – Schedule An Email To Be Sent As A Calendar Entry or Or Add It As Task List Item

by mohit on January 15, 2010

Often, in our personal as well as professional lives, we come across the need to reply to a mail at sometime in future considering it less important than a task at hand at that point of time or the mail itself demands us to reply later. So just to make sure that you do not forget to do so later on, is the task of Add To Calendar application for your Blackberry mobile devices. This application makes it easy to turn any email into a Calendar entry or a Task List item and thereby automatically reminds you to keep up in the time to come.

It simply adds 2 new menu items to the BlackBerry’s built-in email application. They are as follows :

  • Add to Calendar – creates a new calendar entry using the subject and contents of the email.
  • Add to Task List – creates a new task list item using the subject and contents of the email.

And as such it comes from the BlackBerry Download Freeware world, so you will be able to download and use this app for free. I generally give up myself to the allure of a freeware. Do you? Only you can answer it for yourself.

DOWNLOAD  Add To Calendar application free for BlackBerry.

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