Airport Touch [ Game ] – Air Traffic Control Tower Game Symbian 5th Edition Devices

by mohit on January 10, 2010

When in school, we all had aspirations to do many exciting things in life, for say, being a captain of a big ship, a pilot, a formula 1 driver, and so on. But the small life span doesn’t allows you to be everyone. But thanks to the modern day unprecedented technology, we can atleast experience the joy of doing all those things we had often craved for. One such technological outcome is the  Airport Touch mobile game that you can play on your Symbian s60 devices.

Airport Touch DESCRIPTION :

Airport Touch by Offscreen is a simple but ineluctable game for symbian 5th device.Take a seat on the air traffic control tower. Manage large aircraft to a runway and small ones at each other. Trace the routes of land and avoid collisions. Few minutes into the game and you feel like sitting in a real air traffic control tower doing the job of great responsibility. This game, without any doubt, will enhance one’s decision taking ability-how to react and take control in emergency situations.

It’s a definite solution to get oneself out of prosaic daily routine and get oneself entertained for free because this symbian application is brought to you by freeware.


Symbian S60 5th edition

Download the Airport Touch free for Symbian OS.

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