Airtel Launching Micro-SIM Cards In India Soon

by mohit on September 30, 2010

If someone doesn’t know the difference between the traditional standard SIM cards that are used in our Mobile phones and the newly developed Micro SIM cards(also known as the 3FF SIM) that are used in the Apple’s devices – iPhone 4 and iPad, there’s nothing to bother. Just the change in the dimension(12 x 15 mm, about 52% smaller than the  15 x 25mm SIM cards) and few added advantages( more storage space on-chip for provider applications, increased control and security functions) makes the Micro SIM cards what they are.

Now, clearly they will not be compatible to most of the devices making them a slight pain in the head. And as we all know by now that the iPhone 4 & iPad accept micro SIM cards only, so the carrier that will launch the iPhone 4 in India must also provide these Micro SIM cards. Although we have been cropping the mini SIM cards in India and using them with iPad and iPhone 4, many people are still hesitant to do that and are waiting for an official solution.

On 24th of september, 2010 there came out a confirmed news that Telecom service provider Airtel has launched these Micro SIM cards in India .Airtel is calling it a H-2 Card and it was packed in September 2010 according to the pictures.

This news automatically leads to another great news that Airtel must be gearing up for launching the iPhone 4 in India. However, we cannot predict the same for the iPad as it will probably be sold by Apple and not Airtel.

This also signals signifies the importance of Airtel launching its 3G network in India as launching the iPhone 4 without the availability of 3G network will be like running an injured horse in the race.

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