Olive Pad Indian Android Based 3G Tablet Full Detailed Specifications

by Kabir on July 26, 2010

Apple started a revolution by adding a whole new species to “gizmos”. They launched the Ipad, which defines the latest species of gadgets, which is the tablet computer. The Ipad is available for about USD 599 in USA and is currently unavailable in India. Apple has not even announced any launch date in India, so it’s difficult to say when it will officially be available in India. So, there has to be an alternative in India. Here is introducing Olive’s OlivePad.

OlivePad is an Android based 3G tablet which will soon be launching in India. Manufactured by Olive, which is one of India’s largest manufacturers of PCs and netbooks, OlivePad can surely work very well as an alternative to Ipad in India. Moreover, the price of the OlivePad may work as its USP. It has a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, GSM/WCDMA, a back 3MP camera, a front-facing camera, 512MB ROM, 512MB RAM, WiFi, USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Besides these, imagine your tablet working as a mobile phone. Yes, it can work as a mobile phone, but we don’t say put the whole 7″ tablet to your ear, you can always use a bluetooth set to communicate. OlivePad comes with a mic and a speaker too.

The tablet is 3G enabled so you can easily access internet and use built-in GPS apps such as Google maps and MapMyIndia. The tablet runs on Android 2.1 OS. Coming to features, it has a 3MP camera along with a front-facing camera, supports 720p video playback, compatibility for MP3, 3GP, MP4 & AVI formats. The tablet weighs 410 grams and gives you a 16 hours of standby time and 7 hours of talk time. All this and much more at a decent price of Rs. 25000/- (in India). With Ipad (which is not launched in India but can be bought from USA and then shipped to India) at a price tag between Rs. 45000/- to Rs.55000/-, OlivePad is one gadget to lookout for.

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