Auto lock your mobile phone keypad with AutoLock

by Abhishek on October 2, 2008


AutoLock is a mobile based application with which automatically locks your keypad depending upon the setting you have done. AutoLock application is basically designed for Symbian series s 60 phones and is available as a free download. Without any second thought AutoLock is the lightest auto keypad locking application available.

Features of AutoLock includes:

1. As shown in the picture, you can set the inactivity time in AutoLock application according to your needs and the keypad of your phone gets locked as soon as the inactive time is reached.

2. AutoLock is an application which boots along with the phone which means that it will start on its own each time you switch on your phone.

3. The best part about AutoLock is that it is available as a free download and there is nothing better than getting free and at the same time quality product.

4. AutoLock is the lightest application known which can do this job. By lightest it is meant that AutoLock consumes the minimum amount of memory thereby not affecting much of the speed of your phone and doesn’t make it sluggish.

5. AutoLock runs continuously in the background and keeps monitoring the inactivity time so that the keypad can be locked at the desired time interval of the user.

6. However with E70 it was reported that it doesn’t work well with its keypad but this bug is being fixed in the new release of AutoLock called AutoLock1.1.

The only thing you need to keep in mind before downloading AutoLock is that you download the version which supports the version of your s60 phone.

Download AutoLock

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