Automatically Connect Symbian Nokia Phones To Already Authenticated Wireless Networks

by Kabir on October 3, 2010

Ever wished your phone could automatically connect to wireless internet? If yes, Symbian app developers have made your wish come true. It’s a pain to connect your smartphone to wireless internet services (like WiFi). So here is a cure for that “pain”. Smart Connect is a free to download Symbian app, developed exclusively for Symbian s60 3rd & 5th edition users. It automatically connects to wireless services and switches back to default services if the wireless connection is lost.

It completely removes the access complexity and and brings the user just one click away from accessing the internet. It is basically a connection manager, named as BirdStep, it is designed to make both cellular and WiFi/WLAN access easy. Besides, providing automatic connectivity, BirdStep is so designed that the user will benefit from cost savings and also enjoy increased bandwidth.

All you need to do is predefine the network preferences so that the mobile device (or rather SmartConnect), which is connected to Wifi, can be switched back to 3G/2G connections if the Wifi connection is lost. The whole process is completely automatic and hence will surely be desirable to many Symbian users.

Key Features

  • An easy way to connect your smartphone to any wireless network
  • Automatic log-in to pre-configured WiFi/WLAN networks
  • Prioritizes your connection, based on your preferences
  • Switches automatically to 3G/2G services, if the wireless connection is lost
  • Free to download
  • Exclusively for Symbian s60 5th edition, that is, Nokia’s E & N-series smartphones

Download Now

For downloading the Symbian App click here.

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