Avoid attending your call with Stop Call

by Abhishek on September 18, 2008


Many times you wish you had some software that could filter the unwanted calls, you wish you could ignore a particular number automatically and by stop call you can do this with ease. Just add the number to the list of this python based application from which you don’t want to receive any call and the caller will automatically receive a busy tone leaving you undisturbed.

The outline of stop call includes:

1. Just add the number to the list from which you don’t want to receive any calls and let stop call running in the background to prevent any disturbance.

2. Stop call also provides you with the option of rejecting all the incoming calls. This is particularly handy when you are in some very critical situation but at the same time want to keep track of the calls you get.

3. Adding numbers in the blacklist can be done in 2 ways. Either you add the number from the phonebook or you can manually add the number.

4. To get the application working you must also install the latest python version as stop call is written in python, but take care that you install python in the phone’s memory drive.

Note: To get the latest python click this link

Stop call undoubtedly provides you the peace of mind you sometimes look for, like the Saturday nights when you want a sound sleep, or in weekends when you are hanging out with your friends and family and you don’t want any business calls. But keep a note in mind to delete the blacklisted number before Monday morning as you won’t like to miss on your business deals

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Rohit September 18, 2008 at 9:21 pm

Great Utility!

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