Baby Phone Deluxe – Monitor Your Baby Through Your Phone

by on June 19, 2009

BabyPhone Deluxe works like a standard baby monitor: just switch on the application and place your phone close to your sleeping baby. It will call the configured phone number when a sound exceeds an adjustable level. You can hear your baby AND on top also calm the baby over the loudspeaker. To make sure that your child is fine you can initiate the call from the configured phone number and the mobile next to your child will pick it up.

With the Baby Recorder you can record all sounds your baby makes, as well as ambient noise. You will know how often your baby coughs in the night, or what it is babbling or singing about in the morning before you wake up. You can even export the recordings and save them in your family archives.

In the origin this application was built for the iPhone and sold since mid of March 2009 over the iTunes App Store from Apple Inc. Due to the great sales Blue fields BVBA decided to built the application also for the Google Android-powered G1 and make it so available to much more users. As the Android platform is more open than the iPhone platform more user requested features will be built in.

BabyPhone Deluxe outperforms the common baby phones on the market in a lot of situations: broad coverage, mobility of the parents, voice quality, two way communications and an additional Recorder. You will have more freedom, save money and still care perfectly for your baby.

A lot of value is put on an intuitive user interface and an accurate operability. For example it still works properly on if there is a call, sms or calendar event coming in. The iPhone / G1 will fall into a battery saving mode after 3 minutes, so that a new battery lasts at least for 10 hours.

It is possible to configure a call delay. This means the application will call the configured phone number only if the sound level exceeds the threshold for 1,2,3,4 … seconds. This prevents ‘false positives’: you won’t be called when the baby coughs or turns around, only when it really needs you.

The new features on the Android-platform will be:

1. Two-Way-Communication: possibility also to talk to the baby over the loudspeaker of the T-Mobile G1. So the parents can calm the child until they are back.
2. Blocking of incoming calls: as the iPhone has to be put on silent, so that the child does not get awake if there is a incoming call, these calls will be automatically blocked.
3. Call-In-Function: starting the call from the configured phone number and listen actively into the baby’s room.

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