Backup SMS To Your Gmail Account On Android Phone

by mohit on December 13, 2009

Out of the many Andriod devices apps available in the market, you will find the SMS Backup app very useful. SMS Backup is a free Android app that automatically backs up SMS messages from your Android phone to your Gmail account.

You’ll be able to browse and search your incoming and outgoing messages, all neatly organised, under the separate “SMS” label in Gmail so that they’ll not conflict with your other emails in your inbox. To browse your backed up messages, log into Gmail and click on “SMS” in the labels box, which is located in the left sidebar.


  • You need to have a IMAP enabled Gmail account. You can see the Enabling IMAP Gmail help page to learn how to enable IMAP for your Gmail account.



  1. Initial Backup : It is important that you perform the first backup manually. SMS Backup needs to know whether you want to upload messages currently stored on your device or not. After having entered your login information, SMS Backup will ask you to perform a first sync.
  2. Auto Backup : By default, SMS Backup runs in the background to automatically backup any new arriving and outgoing messages. Incoming messages are backed up 20 seconds after they arrived on the device, while outgoing messages are backed up after a maximum of 30 minutes.
  3. Manual Backup : You can at any time initiate a manual backup by starting SMS Backup and clicking on the “Backup” button. The progress of the backup will be shown on the screen.
  4. Stop Ongoing Backup : Click the “Stop backup” button in order to cancel an ongoing backup. The next backup will continue exactly were the current backup left off. (Since version 1.1.0)


The advanced settings screen allows you to configure the following settings:

  • Mark as read
  • Gmail label assigned to SMS
  • Maximum number of items per backup

Downlaod the SMS Backup app free for your Android devices.

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