Bank Account Manager App For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on March 19, 2012

Gone are those days of the previous two generations when people used to have their accounts with just one single bank and that only sufficed their banking needs. But today, in this era of Globalisation and Plastic money, the banking sector has grown many fold all across the globes. And almost every working professional or a businessman now carry more than one credit/debit card and is banking with various banks at the same time. But it has its downside too. More the number of bank accounts, more is the trouble managing them. That’s where the ‘Bank Account Manager’ a.k.a BAM app comes in. BAM for Windows Phone is complete financial tool to manage in nice pivot views your registered bank accounts.

Bank Account Manager Description :

BAM helps in entering very quickly your payments or incomes, checking your pending transactions, calculate you current or estimated balances at any date , apply any type of filters on your operations, estimate your budgets, import OFX file from your bank website, export your data to .CSV files ! etc…

Bank Account Manager Features :

  • Manage any number of bank accounts
  • Provides Full Backup & restore to/from PC
  • Import OFX file and export to .CSV files to PC or SkyDrive
  • Payment types and currency configurable per account and per operation
  • Enter in few seconds and very easily your new payments and deposits with default post & budget, Payee/Payer,comment, currency and payments types selection
  • Manage periodic payments and incomes (home periodic expenses, salary, etc,) with periodicity type and
    frequency configurable.
  • Manage the currency of bank accounts and pending transactions with automatic rates retrieval (via Web Service)
  • Configurable categories (Home, Food, Transport, Schools, Taxes, etc…)
  • Configurable budgets with a view of the allocated and reached amounts and pie charts view
  • Configurable Payee/Payers and currencies used
  • Powerful Filters view allowing you to create an type of custom filters on your created operations
  • Possibility to pin the transactions list of a filter on the BAM main page
  • Forecast very easily the balances of all accounts in next few days, weeks, or months
  • Support custom display themes
  • Option to enable a password
  • Photo Attachment and location detection
  • Mango Tiles and reminder support
  • and more…

BAM Version 5.20 Updates :

  • SkyDrive support for backup/restore/export/import.
  • Quick search fonctionality in the Payees, categories or budgets selection and transactions lists.
  • Welcome screen completed
  • Reported bugs fixed
  • etc..

Note : There is a trial version available for free and the full version is available for $2.99, Its trial mode is fully functional (limiting 2 accounts max to manage).

Download Bank Account Manager For Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

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