BattClock – Get To Know The Percentage Level Of Battery Left In Your Windows Mobile

by mohit on January 10, 2010

The credit goes to freeware that there is no dearth of windows mobile application in the market. Its upto the discretion of owners of the windows mobile devices to pick and choose from the prodigious assortment of applications at their disposal. One amongst the many is  the BattClock v1.20 application. BattClock is a simple app that replaces the battery indicator with clock plus percentage battery level.


  • Very small in memory: 1 Kb in memory (check it with a task manager)
  • No CPU usage: 0.00 % CPU usage
  • Very small on disk: BattClock.exe 17 Kb on disk, BattClock.CAB 16 Kb on disk,
  • Very efficient resource usage (clock update and measuring of battery percentage)
  • Time and Battery percentage above the top bar
  • Automatic detect settings the first time started, dependent of the screen resolution and colour.
  • 12 hour clock possibility
  • Date possibility in format DDMM or MMDD
    Only Date, Time or Battery Percentage possibility
  • Indicator if charging (battery percentage character % is changed into tilde character ~)
  • Clock width, height, X position and Y position configurable
    X position from the left configurable
  • Automatic runtime adaption of BattClock on Portrait or Landscape mode (with negative ClockX setting)
  • Background and Foreground color configurable
  • FontSize configurable
  • Configurable via registry settings (or configure via TouchLockPro BattClock Settings screen and than deinstall TouchLockPro)


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5
  • Supported resolutions: 240×320, 240×240, 480×480. 480×640, 480×800, etc.

DOWNLOAD BattClock free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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