Befool others by sending fake messages to your phone

by Abhishek on September 19, 2008


Fake messages is just another useful application which sends messages to your own phone at the anytime you want. This free sms sending application enables you to receive the message from the phone number and the name you want on your phone, now that’s what really makes it fake. Since the message you want to receive is already stored in your phone the application doesn’t cost any money. The stored message just pops out at the time you already set with different number, really fake isn’t it.

Features of fake messages:

1. Download and install the application to your phone and run fake messages to get started, what you will see is a screen with fake message as its header.

2. You will see four columns where you need to enter the name of the sender in the first column, phone number of the sender in the second column, write the text you want to receive in the third column and the time at which you intend to see the message in the fourth column.

3. After you have entered the entire details, simply click on the save button to save the message in your phone.

4. Since the message is save in your phone, it does not cost anything to receive the message as there is no network service being utilized.

5. With fake messages you can even schedule to send many messages at any time you want. All these messages are stored in a list and they are deployed as the preset time is reached.

6. To get the application working you need to go to symbian signed option and mark the following there SWEvent, ReadDeviceData, User Environment, WriteUserData, ReadUserData, Network Services, WriteDeviceData

The application is really of no use and there is no point in making fool of yourself. Why would you want to send message to yourself with different name and phone number?

Download Fake Message

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slvgl September 19, 2008 at 9:19 pm

disgusting!!!! fake message application does not work on NOKIA 6230.
plz send any application which could work on nokia 6230

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