Best RSS Reader Application for Windows Phone 7

by Kabir on May 20, 2011

A good way to keep updated on your favorite topics is the RSS feed. It helps readers as well as publishers (by letting them syndicate content automatically) by notifying timely web feeds. A new app has been developed for Windows Phone 7 users, the RSS Central, which works well for users who are hooked to blogs.

Yes, there are other similar applications at the Zune Marketplace, but RSS Central is different with added features and more attractive interface. Some of the features that’ll make you think twice before downloading any other app include the better and more refined searches, categorized news feed, useful send to e-mail/text message, portrait and landscape support to name a few. Another key feature that highlights this app is the fast spped with which it brings news feed to your fingertips and holds on to it even if you’ve lost the connection.

Some other key features (from the developer’s blog) are listed below.

Key Features

  • A powerful “keywords” feature which helps you to easily locate articles that contain subjects that you are interested in
  • Importing and exporting subscriptions in .opml format using DropBox
  • A “refresh at launch” option that automatically updates all your subscriptions each time RSS Central is opened
  • Support for sending articles by email, text message, or to your Instapaper account for later reading
  • Support for more character-set encodings including Windows-1250, Windows-1251, Windows-1252 and ISO-8859-2
  • All new icons and splash screen to help make the app even more pleasant to have around

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