Bing Mobile Search App For Android Phones

by Kabir on November 13, 2010

Most of us would be aware of the Bing App, developed by Microsoft for Verizon Android mobile phones. Verizon Android mobile phones are those phones which are Android based and marketed by Verizon. Bing is a search engine which was developed by Microsoft and was available as an app only for Verizon marketed Android phones. News has come that now, Bing app is ready to be launched for all Android mobiles.

The app helps you find the things you need, when you need them – like directions, local restaurants and shopping. Quickly find local businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, and hotels – and easily choose the best one for you. Get maps and traffic information, so you can get from place to place as easily as possible. What more? You can personalize your Bing mobile home page.

Previously users could use Bing by three modes:-

  1. Users could browse at
  2. Bing 411
  3. Finally, use a Bing Application (Only for selected phones)

The Bing App lets you search for images, search by text or voice, view maps, and more. In addition, it even sports the Bing image of the day, complete with clickable hotspots, as seen on your computer. To search by voice, tap the mic icon and speak your query.

Download Now

The Bing App for Android phones can be downloaded free of cost. Its size is around 9.55 KB. To download, click here.

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