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by mohit on August 12, 2010

In this era of online Social Networking, where all the websites offering this platform to the masses all across the globe are in stiff competition with one another. And people, at the same time, are not willing to go for just Social Networking site. Instead they are really keen to get their hands on almost all of them for some or the other distinguished features offered by all of them.

But with plenty of options, there also comes a problem of tracking your friends and loved ones which might be over different Social networking sites at one given moment. Instant Messaging or staying connected to all of them simultaneously can be a cumbersome task. To avoid this problem, Blackberry Freeware market has come up with an application known as the ‘face2face’.

face2face is an application for your BlackBerry mobile phone that instantly enables you to consolidate your existing social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter – and enables all of them so you know when friends are nearby.

face2face App Features :

  • face2face lets you share, IM and stay connected to friends from almost anywhere. View profiles, feeds and status updates right on your mobile phone any day, any time.
  • Find Your Friends. This particular feature let your friends know you’re nearby but without ever having to reveal your exact location. So you can always keep the desired distance if you want.
  • Protect Your Privacy. When your friends see you, you also always see them, so any sort of stalking is completely disabled by this app. So experience the fun of meeting someone and the fun of not meeting somebody else.
  • Combine Networks and Chat. You need not make any new account or login ID. Simply sign in through Facebook, Linkedin, or MySpace. Combine them and link Twitter to have all your friends in one place and chat free across smartphones on any network.
  • Meet New People. Also connect with friends of friends – all based on who’s nearby at the moment!

Download face2face free for BlackBerry

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