Blackberry Theme Studio – Create Your Own Blackberry Mobile Theme

by mohit on November 24, 2009

From now onwards you can Create Themes for Blackberry Smartphones with Blackberry Theme Studio.



The BlackBerry Theme Studio is a free suite of graphics designblackberry tools that the graphics designers, software developers and hobbyists can use to create colorful and interactive BlackBerry smartphone themes, mobile websites, splash screens, graphics and animated content that are optimized only for the latest as well as many older BlackBerry smartphone models.


  • BlackBerry Theme Studio gives you tremendous control over the personalization of a BlackBerry Smartphone: you can virtually customise every aspect of a BlackBerry Theme: from the background wallpaper, to the color of message lists, to the fonts, to the layout of screens, to the information on the Home Screen, to the applications that appear or the navigation path and more…
  • give an extra dimension to your theme by adding animated graphics to the home screen and lock screen of a BlackBerry.
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash: use existing images and animations designed in Adobe Photoshop and Flash with BlackBerry Theme Studio.
  • Customize the applications and navigation on your BlackBerry: Not only can you change the visual design of your BlackBerry theme, you can also decide which applications appear on your HOME SCREEN and APPLICATION SCREEN and customize the navigation on the BlackBerry.
  • if the BlackBerry is running BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0, one can create themes for almost any BlackBerry smartphone: from the BlackBerry 8700 to the latest BlackBerry Storm and Bold models.
  • BlackBerry Theme Studio is completely compatible with the BlackBerry simulators so you need to have a BlackBerry handy to see how your theme is going to look on device.
  • Use BlackBerry Composer to design compelling animated graphics that can be used in mobile websites and apps.

DOWNLOAD : so, only for the smart and special blackberry smartphone users download blackberry theme studio

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