Blog Post Editor On Windows Mobiles For Live Spaces

by Kabir on July 21, 2010

Here is your solution of posting and/or editing blogs, irrespective of the fact whether you have a laptop or not. Pocket Live Writer has been launched (only for Windows Mobiles, of course), that enables the user to post or edit blogs to Windows live spaces using your mobile phones.

However, before starting, all you need to do is enable E-Mail publishing on MSN space. The detailed instructions of using the app is explained below.

How to get started?

I. The very first thing to do before using this app is to make sure that E-Mail publishing is enabled on MSN space. Follow the following steps to enable E-mail publishing:-

  1. Create a passport account @
  2. Create a space @
  3. Go to Edit Your Space->Options->E-mail Publishing
  4. Turn on E-mail Publishing
  5. Choose a secret word

II. Login

The space name and sectret word acts your username and password respectively, for communicating with Pocket Live Writer.

Download Pocket Live Writer

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