Browse, View Search History On Google Mobile Based Search Interface

by mohit on August 4, 2010

Google, undoubtedly the world’s most used online search engine has something new to offer to the public yet again. And this time, its the new search history feature which helps you to quickly route back to the websites you’ve been to and see items you have starred from your Android, iPhone, or desktop searches. So if you ever had faced problems in tracking the websites that you found in your recent searches, that is not a problem any more – just sign in and then tap the ‘history’ link at the bottom of the Google homepage.

You must also have enabled search history in your Google account( to activate the Search History option in their accounts, they will need to change the “settings” by selecting ‘save searches’ under ‘search history’). This will allow you to see a combination of all the searches(from your phone, laptop or desktop) you have done while you are signed-in to your account were searching on

Mobile searches will be displayed with a small phone icon alongside them and on the other hand, for the websites you have visited while searching through a desktop or laptop, you will see a screenshot thumbnail that can help you recognize and return to the right sites quickly. This is simple way of separating the mobile searches from the desktop and laptops ones.

The new search history page that you would see whether on your desktop browser or mobile phone browser also contains ‘starred’ items. Tap on this tab and you will see a list of search results that you have, well starred. This will simply enable you to stand out your significant information from the rest of the clutter.

Last but the not the least – just in case you do not want to use this search history feature, you can always disable this and remove history items by simply tapping on the “edit” button located the top of the page and delete individual search queries. Or if you don’t like this feature at all and want to stop Google from recording your search history, simply select – “do not save searches” under ‘settings’ on the home screen and then select “save”.

We hope that this feature will only enhance the user’s surfing experience on Google and not deteriorate it.

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