BSNL Broadband Rs.99 Per Month Tariff Plans Pricing, Packages List, Availability and Cost Per Plan

by Kabir on June 28, 2010

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), India’s largest public sector internet service provider has launched its latest plan, targeted exclusively towards the users in rural parts of India. Rural USO 99, as it is called, will provide speed up to 2 MBPS to its users in rural India for a price as low as Rs.99/- per month. Although, the downloading limit is not unlimited, users will be allowed 400 MB of data transfer per month.

Users wanting a higher download limit can pay more. Another plan is the Rs. 150/- per month plan, where the user is allowed a download limit of 1 GB. The two plans are not combo plans, meaning, the internet connection and the landline telephone are independent of each other.

BSNL Plans & Schemes

Note:– All the following schemes are Combo Plans.

  • Rural USO Combo 250 – Speed from 512 KBPS to 2 MBPS is provided with download limit of 1.5 GB per month
  • BB Home Rural USOF Combo UL 500 – Speed from 512 KBPS for 4 GB data transfer to 256 KBPS for unlimited data transfer is provided

For the above mentioned plans, the user also gets 100 mins & 150 mins of free calls on the BSNL landline respectively. Kindly, note that no extra costs are charged for installation or rent for modem. All costs are inclusive. In rural areas, the main problem arises when the user needs support of a personnel in case of a breakdown. This is because the customer care is central. Thus, it is advisable to choose BSNL NIC card which provides internet service without the use of any cables.

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