ByeByeCaller-Fake Calls To Your Mobile

by mohit on November 24, 2009

Quite often in our daily routine, we all tend to face this annoying Scr000345-168x300 situation of getting stuck at some place or with some human being- like boring meetings, boring get together, a stranger coming close and starts a conversation when we are least bothered to talk to him/her, getting very nervous on your first date- the list is endless.


The key point here is that how to get rid of that situation? what’s the best excuse you can give to have an ultimate escape or just to take a break?- this is where BYEBYE CALLER hits the jackpot.  Bye Bye Caller is an application that allows you to receive fake calls(No real calls are made) on your phone. Bye Bye Caller is an innovative application which may find a lot of utility among people.



It has a very simple mechanism. You can set the time interval (configurable, default is 30s) after which you wish to receive the call. You can even set the operator name that displays on your home screen when the fake call comes. You can specify the name/number of the person calling. You can set the ringtone(BBCaller just plays the default Nokia ringtone and you cannot change it) volume and the vibration option and you can even set your home screen backlight to blink when the call comes. When the fake call starts, press the red button to stop it.


Here, you can set the interval of up to two minutes from the time you wish to receive a phone call. However, you cannot set a clock time as a fixed time to receive the call as in 9.30 AM, 9.30 PM etc.


for now, this app has all the basic features of a fake call but there’s always a scope for development in times to come.

DOWNLOAD the ByeByeCaller free for Symbian OS

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