CallsBlocker – Block Unwanted Calls On Blackberry Phone

by mohit on January 3, 2010

Telemarketers getting hold of your mobile phone number and sneaking into your private lives to sell out their products is an inexorable phenomenon these days. Do you often get frenetic to hear from them incessantly in spite of your disinterest in their calls? All the Blackberry phones users can now take respite as the new Blackberry software known as CallsBlocker has come to their rescue.

CallsBlocker is a great free Blackberry call blocking software written by Fabian Heuwieser that allows you to block unwanted calls so that  you will never have to deal with those calls ever again. And it does so in few different ways :

  • you can enter individual numbers you want to block
  • block numbers with certain area codes (such as 800, 888, 866, etc.).
  • options also available to block private, unknown, and withheld numbers.
  • You can also block numbers from your contact list.
  • And finally, you can block numbers from your call log as well.

Some Other Features :

  1. Import numbers from the address book or call log.
  2. Set the amount of milliseconds when it should get blocked
  3. its a Freeware


  • BlackBerry Storm

So use this application(on your Blackberry phone) and get rid of all those unwanted calls that had been bothering you so far.

Download the Blackberry CallsBlocker v1.0.7 by Fabian Heuwieser for free.

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