Chat Slang List Abbreviations For Quick and Easy SMS Typing

by Kabir on October 12, 2010

The Symbian Apps market is taking the whole mobile world by storm. With over 2000 apps, free to download, the Symbian users have a lot to choose from. Recently, a new app was launched to join the brigade of Symbian apps. Known as, the Chat Slang, the app is a very exciting and a useful one for all the SMS and chat lovers. Read on to know more about the latest Symbian App.

The Chat Slang has been developed especially for users who use a lot of slang and short forms of words while chatting. This app helps in enlisting the words which are commonly used as slangs. For example, And – “n”, Forever – “4eva”, Life – “Lyf”, “LOL” etc. The app also provides an option of adding a word if it is not listed. Thus, users have the flexibility to add more words.

The app has been divided into 6 sub-categories which enlist related words. The sub-categories are Business Slang, Online Jargon, Popular Stuff, Harsh Stuff, Text Lingo and Every Parent Should Know. Each sub-category consists of words relating to that category only. For example, the category online jargon would contain words like: Forever – 4eva, Five Finger Salute – 5FS etc. The app is based on Flash, which is a popular and a successful interface. It fills the app with cool logos and graphics.


The only requirement for downloading the app is that the mobile phone should be based on Symbian 560 5th edition.

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To download the app, click here.

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