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by Abhishek on September 24, 2008


Nokia chat is software which enables you to not only chat with your friends but the power to do more; you can also reveal your location and your status. The feature of checking the location of the person is really cool and new. You can send messages; you can also do a voice chat or even a video chat with your friends. With nokia chat they are really living upto their Moto of connecting people.

The features of nokia chat include:

  1. With the nokia one to one feature it’s possible to know the location of the person you are talking to. Its good know where is the person whom you are talking to is located.
  2. With nokia chat you can also send recorded messages to your friends and they will receive it as soon as they log in their nokia chat account.
  3. The location gets updated on its own and you can even show your status i.e. what you are doing etc or you can even use the various icons to make your chat even more interesting.
  4. To get nokia chat working on your mobile, the first thing you need to do is to install the support file and then mobile nokia chat. After you have finished installing just restart your phone.
  5. To start using the nokia chat you need a valid nokia chat id and a password which you can easily obtain by registering with the nokia and following the step by step procedure.

Supported List of Devices:

N95 8GB, N95, N93i, N93, N82, N81 8GB, N81, N80ie, N80, N77, N76, N75, N73, E90 Communicator, E71, E66, E65, E61i, E61, E51, 6290, 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, 5500, 3250, 6124 classic, 6121 Classic, 5700 XpressMusic, N73, E61, Nokia 5500, and Nokia 3250

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