Check PNR Status With Indian Rail App For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on November 30, 2011

You are in India and you’ve booked a ticket for some place and you are on the Waiting List and you need to check the ticket’s PNR status on daily basis to know if the ticket has been confirmed or not, but you don’t like going to the Website or calling at Station numbers(that are busy most of the times) every time you want to do that, here’s an awesome solution – Indian Rail Guide App for WP7 mobile phones. This app works exactly the same as the official Indian Railway Website does.

Indian Rail Guide App Features :

  • PNR Check : You can check your ticket status and the result is displayed in tabulated format having Status during booking and the current status.
  • Live Status for Trains : Based on train no or name and date you choose you can check where the train is. For each station listed you can see arrival time and delays.
  • Train Schedule : For any train you can find the details of starting time / station, destination and in between stations and its timing.

What is missing in the App ?

  • There is no option to add PNR or Train No to a favorite list. I would love to have this option so i can skip taking out my ticket off the pocket every time.
  • Option to send this as email or SMS. If the app can take screenshot of the screen or copy the info to clipboard I can help others who call in an emergency.

Note : For all of these what you should keep in mind is that there can be changes as there are at least 15 to 30 minutes delay which is not the app issue but that’s how the updates come at the official site. So just before leaving you can try calling the official number or even try the SMS service to double check on everything.

With large number of daily-routine use apps crowding the app marketplace for almost all the major mobile Operating Systems and Smartphones, the need to hit on the desktop PCs and laptops is getting narrow. This is getting awesome day by day.

Download Indian Rail Guide App


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