Confirmed News – 5th January 2010 Is The Launch Date For Google Phone

by mohit on January 1, 2010

There were many events that grabbed world headlines in this first decade of the 21st century. Adding to the list is the launch of much anticipated Google phone  ‘Nexus One’.

It has been finally confirmed by  T-Mobile(acting as a service partner) that the HTC-designed Nexus One could make its debut next week on January 5th, 2010. Google has scheduled a press event for Tuesday, January 5 at its Mountain View, California, headquarters. Though the company hasn’t mentioned Nexus One, the invitation mentions Android- Google’s mobile operating system for phones, and the company is widely expected to show the device that has had smartphone industry watchers buzzing for weeks.

Google seems to follow the same strategy used by Apple of launching a phone early in the year as it did with its iphone that was out in the market in January of 2007. In order to differ, Google could really innovate as to how the phone is sold.  The Nexus One is likely to be sold unlocked, which means consumers don’t have to be tied into long-term contracts with telecom carriers. No word on pricing or plans is available though, we will have to wait for the curtains to raise in January for the exact information.

Anyhow, there’s a word of caution for the Apple team, as this Google phone is expected to give the iphone a run for its money and this is also the one which the entire world has been salivating for a very long time. The only way Apple can confront its competitor is by firing a bullet, for say, a better iPhone 4G this year. Otherwise, coming week, Google is all set for war.

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