Control iTunes via bluetooth with PhoneTunes

by Abhishek on September 14, 2008


The application is basically designed for smartphones which provides you with an interface that is exactly same as the apple iTunes interface. The smart interface allows you to control all your favourite music and applications. It allows you to control your iTunes music library right from your phone. This application is indeed a very smart idea.

In order to control your hefty music collection from your phone you need to have the application installed on both your pc and phone. Earlier it used to lag but now the music is loaded into your phone directly via fast mediums namely Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G.So it ensures that even your remote connection can work lag free. The application has full list of features

It supports most of the common Bluetooth stacks and provides smooth and simple integration with them. As soon as updates are available for download your software automatically gets updated. Moreover you also don’t need to wait browsing for the Bluetooth devices it readily connects, which really proves to be convenient and easy going. When you add media to your library your phones library also gets updated automatically. The application is supported on windows vista and XP.

With this application you can choose the song you want to play, organize your library in the way you want, skip the current music track, adjust the volume according to your desired level, create and edit play list. It is approximately same as owning an iPod. While the phone has all the good features the one thing that annoys many users is that it has many hidden features which are not very well explained, what was the need of hiding some features.

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