Create PDF From Webpage URLs With Windows Phone 7

by mohit on November 17, 2011

Today, web is the inevitable source of any sort of information and we tend to access and use the web content any day any time. And now-a-days, with all the Smartphones that we own, one can access the web on the way. So just imagine you are browsing on your way to work or home or anywhere and you catch up on a web page that you might b requiring up ahead. So what do you do? You simply convert the particular URL into an appropriate extension to make the content available for use any time later. That’s what PDFy Pro does for WP7 mobile devices. PDFy Pro Converts web pages into PDFs and PNG images with’s APIs.

How Does PDFy Pro works?

The procedure is very simple and straight-forward. Just browse the internet with the integrated web browser and click the app bar icons whenever you need to convert a webpage into a PDF or an PNG image.

Step#1 : Click the PDF icon in the app bar when you want to create a PDF document of the displayed web page in the browser.

Step#2 : By default it will create a PDF of bing homepage. Default Browser will open to download PDF file..

Note : Adobe reader must be installed.

PDFy Pro Features(only in the Pro version)

  • Select PDF Quality
  • Grayscale or color
  • Custom Filename
  • Enhanced Security features
  • Disable external links from PDF
  • Disable internal links from PDF
  • Disable javascript elements from webpage

New updates are in the making, and will provide you with more options to modify your content. Both apps are mango versions.

PDFy Pro costs $0.99 and can be download from Marketplace. A free version “pdfy” is also available with basic pdf support and fixed PDF style.

Download PDFy Pro For WP7.

Download pdfy(free version) For WP7.

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