Create, Shoot Panoramas On Windows Phone 7

by mohit on February 10, 2011

Ever since i watched the movie Avatar in ‘3D’, i just got carried away by the term and the technology. The 3D technology is simply mind-boggling when it comes to watching movies. But now, there’s an extension to it – 3D pics/pictures. Yes, u heard it right. Ztitch is an app for Windows Phone 7, that will enable you to drag-and-drop the photos you captured inside a 3D space so you can create full 360º panoramas.

I am sure you are familiar with panoramic pictures, which are basically a string of pictures taken from a stationary location while rotating with the camera taking pictures as you go. The pictures then get “stitched” to try and form a seamless image. The application basically allows the user to create and merge the pictures taken into a single panoramic picture. How does it different from most of the other photo stitching apps that are available in plenty? The answer is the fact that they all merge images together to create a larger static 2D image, and that is all. They will not provide that 3D space to capture the images, as Ztitch does.

Ztitch App Key Features :

  • Full 360º panoramas (up to 45º vertically)
  • Upload to, and share with your friends!
  • Freely navigate the scene you created
  • Pinch to adjust field-of-view
  • Simple drag & drop interface (avoids inaccuracies and long processing time)
  • Image hosting provided by Flickr

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the app in case you own a Windows Phone 7 and start tinkering with the cameras and believe that you are professional photographers.

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