Create Shortcuts To Apps Installed In Memory Card On Windows Mobile Phone With ShortCut Creator

by mohit on March 26, 2010

Whenever your Desktop computer needs to be formatted, it looses all the data and softwares previously stored up in the system. And not only the data and softwares, all the shortcuts for various files, folders and softwares created on the homescreen of the computer gets deleted. So we had to create all those shortcuts again.

Similar to the our desktop PCs or laptops, in our mobile devices, all the applications are stored up in the storage/memory card of the phone. Like we need to format our PCs when it stops functioning properly, we need perform a ‘hard reset’ in our mobile phones whenever it encounters some problem. Now, the bad thing is that  After a hard reset you have to reinstall all the programs/applications if you have previously installed them on the memory card. Very often enough you have to recreate the shortcut in the Start Menu folder.

Now that time-consuming, arduous task of recreating the shortcuts has been made simple by the freeware application called ShortCut Creator for the Windows Mobile phones. ShortCutCreator helps you to recover the exe files and recreate the shortcut in the location that best suits you.

This application is available for free.

Shortcut Creator App requirements :

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

DOWNLOAD ShortCut Creator free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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