DeltaTime – A Stopwatch For Windows Mobile Phones With Some Unique Features

by mohit on February 5, 2010

Bored with those same old stop watches on your mobile phones with just the Start-stop feature showcasing just the duration of time and not being able to perform any function involving various entries? Try the DeltaTime – a windows mobile application performing a function of a stopwatch but with some unconventional and eye-catching features. DeltaTime is currently an WVGA only stopwatch with a graphic display and basic timer statistics.

So have fun with this extra-ordinary stop watch. And it’s freeware application, so you can have it on your WM device for free.


  • graphic display
  • graphic timer indication
  • showing start/stop time stamp and
  • average time of multiple split times.


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1
  • .NET CF 3.5
  • WVGA device

DOWNLOAD DeltaTime free for Your Windows Mobile Phone.

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