DeviceInfo 2 Widget – An Info Widget For Symbain s60 5th Edition

by mohit on November 25, 2009 released its first widget called DeviceInfo for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the N97 windows mobile phones . The widget is based on script samples found at Forum Nokia Wiki. The other thing is that it’s pure HTML/CSS/Javascript and is released as an example to motivate other users to create a widget of their own.



The DeviceInfo widget displays more or less essential data about the device it’s running on. It’s a more simple way to digg up the phone’s IMEI code, wireless MAC address and the current firmware version and more. This is BETA release and has been tested only on the Nokia 5800. There is also an in-built update system which means that you should be able to update it easily to a newer version – should we ever make one.

Post your ideas and wishes or get in touch through the Feedback -page. If you have a widget you would like to publish or need some graphics work done on it or anything like that – you can always seek for help.


  • with the help of this widget you will be able to have Graphicaldeviceinfo1 display for storage, RAM space and battery status (NEW!) 
  • u can also display IMEI code, WLAN Mac Address, Phone model, Firmware version, Manufacturer, Product type, Bluetooth status, Vibration status, Autolock status, Autolock timeout, Screensaver timeout


  • Toggle vibration
  • Display installed applications


You can install it by three different ways :

  1. Download the widget straight to your phone and install it when prompted
  2. Download the widget to your computer and email it to your phone
  3. Install it by using the Ovi Suite


Symbian s60 5th edition


one can always check for the updates for the widget.

DOWNLOAD the DeviceInfo 2 Widget free for Symbian OS.

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