DiOui Scanner – Find People Around You In Facebook

by mohit on December 25, 2009

You never know what technology can do to you or how greatly it can make your life easier. You must have, very often, found yourself in a situation where you wanna know something about a stranger sitting beside you or is somewhere around you in a bus, train, party, or any place for that matter.

There’s always an element of risk in approaching a person head on as how he/she will react? So you take a step back, the person is gone, and you keep on regretting that at least you should have made an attempt to know about that person.

You need not do that now because  DiOui Scanner v1.00 is here.  DiOui is a windows mobile application that allows you to find in facebook the people around you.


Once you install it in your Facebook profile and cellphone, DiOui(a Facebook application with a mobile scanner) will allow you to find or be founded by the people around you with no need of physical interaction. All you have to do is run the DiOui cellphone scanner and that’s all, DiOui will show you the Facebook public profiles of the people surrounding you( but of course they also must have DiOui installed in their facebook profiles and mobile phones).

And the best thing about Dioui is that as it is really concerned about your privacy, it will only use the information of your public profiles that is allowed by the Facebook. And on the top of that, this information will not be shared with anyone else- that’s for sure!


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

So without wasting any more time, Download DiOui Scanner free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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