Distraction Free Driving By Phones Call To Voicemail While Driving & Muting SMS Alerts

by Kabir on March 29, 2011

Using mobile phones while driving is a big nuisance. Obviously, it causes distraction to drivers, and in turn, puts their lives into extreme peril. It has been found that, in the year 2010, at any given moment 40,00,000 people were either texting, calling or using any other feature of their mobile phones. Out of these about 20% did so while driving and about 1% of these met with an accident. Considering the figures, there were 80,000 people who met with an accident (in the year 2010) only because they were distracted by mobile phones. These accidents could have been avoided.

Sprint has announced an Android App, known as DriveFirst, that limits the functions of your mobile phone while you’re on the go. It is a safety app that promises to be the preventer of many accidents. It mainly focuses on limiting the features of the mobile phone and thus helping the driver in safe-driving behind the wheel. Main features of this Android app are listed below:-

Main Features of DriveFirst

  • Lock driver’s cell phone so that he/she cannot receive any phone call, instead, directing all the receiving calls to voice mail
  • Block SMS alerts, and automatically respond to the sender by texting that he/she is driving
  • Allow access to three key contacts (in case of emergency) and three key apps such as GPS etc. These can be conveniently chosen by the user of course
  • Give parents and business administrators Web portal access to configure DriveFirst for their teens’ or employees’ mobile devices

The app will work only on Google-powered Android phones and will be available by the end of this year. The app is not free and will charged at $2/month over your service provider.

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