Download Location Maps On Windows Phone 7 For Offline Use

by mohit on May 26, 2011

Google Maps has done a phenomenon job all across the globe. And, now there are many mobile apps revolving around the same making it more helpful for the users someway or the other. That’s where one mobile app surpasses the other while providing the same sort of service. One such efficient app for windows phone 7 mobile devices bringing Google Maps into the picture is GMapPro.

GMapPro for Windows Phone 7 is a free tool which is based in Joomla’s Google Map module with easy set up and customization that will let you browse the maps of Google, and is also capable of downloading and catching the maps for off line usage.

Some More Salient Features Of The GMapPro App :

  • Use Google Maps which is the most complete mapping solution available in the world
  • Download the maps of desired area, and use them while you are offline
  • Provide a list of downloads so you can delete them in future (if you don’t wish to keep them anymore)
  • Use the phones internal GPS, to find you on the map
  • Markers: Tap and hold a location to put a new marker; View the list of markers and easily jump to the marked location; Shows your location with a different marker.
  • Addresses(Requires Internet Connection) : Shows the address of your location; Jump to a desired address.
  • Preferred zoom level for “My Location” feature. Now, if you tap on My Location button, it will show the map whit the pre-configured settings.
  • Track me! by selecting this option from menu, GMapPro will show your location and track your movement on the map! It also shows your movement speed! (currently a very simple speedometer!)
  • Calculate the direct distance between to points in km or miles.

Clearly, it’s a very good and very useful app to be on your WP7 devices.

Download GMapPro for Windows Phone 7.

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