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by mohit on July 23, 2010

Undoubtedly, the most important utility of any Windows Mobile device would be to enable its owners to do almost everything that they would be doing on their desktop computers or laptops running Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Having said that, Windows continuously comes up with some awesome applications for the Windows Pocket PC which the owners of WM can use on the go. Such apps would enable the WM users to do exactly the same thing anywhere for which previously they had to be in their homes/offices sitting right in front of their PCs.

In some cases, these PPC applications are just a replica of the softwares/applications on the Windows desktop PCs. One such WM app is the Notepad v1.00 which is a simple Notepad for Pocket PC like Windows Notepad for PC. You can do all that you might be doing using the Notepad on Windows PCs. This program can open and save ANSI, Unicode, Unicode big ending, and UTF-8 files.

As far as the features are concerned, its just as same as the Notepad for PCs. The only feature worth mentioning would be that this app comes from a Freeware market and hence can be downloaded for free.


DOWNLOAD Notepad free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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