Download Opera Mobile 10.1 For Symbian s60 Phones

by Abhishek on July 16, 2010

Just after the launch of Opera Mini Final for android platform, Opera Mobile 10.1 has been released for s60 smartphones. It has some new features like accelerated speed and geolocation capabilities. This release is for Symbian S60 keypad 3 edition and 5th edition devices.


Following are some key features

1. Opera desktop features, like Speed Dial, Opera Link, password manager, make it easier for you to surf on the go, by reducing the time and effort it takes to get to a website.
2. Tabbed browsing, a virtual keyboard, kinetic scrolling and auto-rotation to landscape make browsing with Opera Mobile easier and a lot more fun.
3. When the network speed makes browsing tough, turn on Opera Turbo. Use our servers to compress webpages on the fly and more than double your browsing speed.

You can download the beta directly to your mobile phone from

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