Download Sony Ericsson Phone Simulator To Test Applications

by mohit on December 8, 2009

Adobe Air has come up with a latest app for the Sony Ericsson mobile phones known as Sony Ericsson PhoneGap Simulator. It is very easy to install and enables you to easily check the look and feel of your applications.


Sony Ericsson PhoneGap Simulator DESCRIPTION :

With the help of this gap, you’ll be able to check your application in the true device environment by using the emulators provided with the Android and Symbian SDKs. Furthermore, this application also includes skins for XPERIA X10 and Satio.


FEATURES of Sony Ericsson PhoneGap Simulator :

  • Firebug Lite – this app enables you to monitor, edit and debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript in real time
  • Geolocation Console – Sony Ericsson Phone Simulator uses the Google Maps API to simulate GPS location values
  • Accelerometer Console – simulated 3d x,y, z values can also be created just by tilting and rotating a virtual phone
  • Sound and vibration simulation feature is also there
  • Skins for XPERIA X10 and Satio phones are available

DOWNLOAD Sony Ericsson PhoneGap Simulator.

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