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by Kabir on August 9, 2010

All of us are huge fans of SUDOKU. Since our childhood, we have a habit of playing the puzzle on the weekly newspaper or news magazine. Well, here is an app exclusively for Android users, which they can download and get hooked. The app is downloadable and free of cost.

For all those new to the world of SUDOKU here is a brief explanation of the game. SUDOKU is a puzzle, which tests your memory. The player is required to fill numbers ranging from 1 to 9 in rows and columns. Care should be taken while filling the numbers because each row and column can have only one digit (between 1 to 9), that is, a digit cannot repeat itself in a single row or column. Simple rules but not so simple game.

There are a host of features provided by the developers. For example, the game is automatically saved whenever the user exits the app or a call interrupts. The score can refreshed for a new start or you can also press on the “start new” button. What is interesting here is that while playing the game, the user can view the number of times a number has been entered or remains to be entered. Users can also take hints if they get stuck at a point. When the game completes a “Congratulations” message pops and rating is given out of five based on time taken and hints used.


The only requirement is that it is applicable only for Android based mobile phones. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Now

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