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by Kabir on September 25, 2010

An updated version of the Google Mobile App was available for Blackberry users. The app which was launched in January this year, is an improved version over the last one. It has better “search” features which can be easily used for searching on-device e-mails and contacts. Besides, it can also search for Google Docs, Google Contacts and Gmail. Using the app is so easy, all you need to do is type the name of the document(s) which you need to search among the many docs.

Consider the simple example of a checklist: Suppose you’re planning a holiday with a friend and he/she sent you a checklist (consisting of things which you need to bring for the trip). Now, all you need to do is, type in “Checklist” and there you go.

The search results for the “Checklist” will be displayed as shown below.

Now that you have accessed or signed-in to your gmail account, you can easily access Google Docs and/or Reader without signin-in again. No, it does not save your password permanently on the smartphone. Also, the account details are encrypted during transmission and hence, no one can view your details.

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To download the Google Mobile App, you can click here.

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