Enhance Your Reflexes With The Speed Tester Touch Game For Symbain OS.

by mohit on June 19, 2011

Badminton, Tennis, Speed Chess, etc are few sports considered to be demanding quick reactions or reflexes. And playing them more and more is supposed to enhance the same. But who has the leisure time to play these games and that too  which requires an another person to be free to play with you. These are the times to do things solo, without being dependent on others. So came the TV-video games and hand video games and then later came the Play stations. But, this is the time of Mobile Gaming – having plenty of games to be played from the Smartphones in your palms, any time you feel like.

One such game requiring quick, strong reflexes is the Speed Tester Touch app/game for the Symbian mobile devices.

Speed Tester Touch Description :

The game demands Quick reaction and fast fingers. The objective of the game is to press buttons in the correct order and to gain points as quickly as possible. In other words, its sort of a speed test. So what are you waiting for?Download this app on your Symbian Smartphones and Challenge
your friends or beat the high-score.

Its a Symbian Freeware, so you need not spend a single buck to get it on your mobile phones.

Speed Tester Touch Requirements : Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition mobile devices.

Download the Speed Tester Touch free for Symbian OS.

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