Fennec For Android With Firefox Sync Feature

by Kabir on September 2, 2010

The Android market is growing at an exponential rate. The growth can be accredited to the vast variety of services and apps available for Android users. We had posted about the various newly launched apps (available exclusively for Android based phones) which you can view on our blog. The latest one to join the brigade of Android Apps is Fennec (Codename for Firefox Mobile).

Fennec, which is the first mobile browser to feature add-ons is built on the same technology as the one that powers the desktop Firefox. It has some great features, which we normally come across only on desktops, so now, it can be said that you can take Firefox with you wherever you want. The user-interface has been completely red-designed to suit the small screen optimization. The main focus of this browser is to enhance the interface and increase the responsiveness to user actions.

Key Features of Fennec

  • Built on the same technology as the one that powers desktops
  • UI has been completely revamped to adjust the small screen optimization
  • Includes tabbed browsing
  • Password manager
  • Location-aware browsing
  • Ability to synchronize with the user’s computer Firefox browser using Firefox Sync
  • Plugin support is currently disabled, removing compatibility with popular web content types such as Adobe Flash
  • Free to download

Download Fennec Alpha Now, from here.

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