Filter, Block Spam SMS Messages

by Kabir on July 6, 2010

Tired of receiving those sms saying you could win the lottery of the day or those ones which inform you about that useless credit card offer (which is the last thing you ant on earth) or even the one which offers you the “Slim Sauna Belt” for the extra flab on your tummy. Well, here’s some serious good news for you. A Pune based mobile application firm, Optinno Mobitech has developed the application smsBlocker which would block all these spam sms from ruining your sleep.

The unique and extra-ordinary feature of this application is that it blocks only spam sms and allows important sms as those coming from banks or your booking confirmations. The application blocks all kinds of spam sms even those which are in a mixed language (Hindi + English, for instance). The application also lets you edit the default settings. It does not allow the spam sms to show up in your inbox, however, you can view the sms as and when desired.

Sagar Bedmutha, Founder & CEO of Optinno Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. has said that the team behind this application has studied more than 3,000 spam sms to develop the logic of smsBlocker. Some of the findings of his team include the sms timings and the fashion in which spammers spam locally and nationally. The application has been optimized to work on Symbian Operating System. However, smsBlocker can be installed in some of Sony and Samsung phones as well.

A license has to be purchased for smsBlocker worth Rs. 99/-. The purchase is one time, there will be no expiry dates and it is a lifetime license.

smsBlocker can be downloaded from

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