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by Kabir on July 4, 2010

Tired of searching lyrics of your favorite songs over the internet? No doubt you will be tired, it’s all a cumbersome process of typing the name of the artist, then naming the album (of the song you are searching), then finally finding that one song. How about getting lyrics of that one song directly on your Windows Mobile device. You read it right, just one search and the lyrics are there in front of your eyes on your Windows phone.

Lyrics Finder v2.0 is here. It helps you easily download lyrics of your favorite songs directly in to your phone. It’s an application developed by Rvanavr, that will show results by simply entering song’s title, artist or a few words from the song itself. It saves the lyrics in cache memory, so there is no need of an internet connection to view the lyrics again. You can also delete songs from the cache and save memory for newer songs. Here’s a catch, the application works only for touchscreen Windows mobile phones. Application is available in two languages viz. English & Russian.

Key Features of Apllication

  • A huge lyrics database on server
  • 3 types of search: artist, title, text
  • Found lyrics saves to cache, so no need internet connection to watch them again
  • Cached lyrics grouping by artists, that’s why you can easily navigate through the hundreds of songs
  • Lyrics export function
  • You can delete songs from cache
  • Lyrics viewer has NO scrollbars, instead you should use a touch screen
  • App fills all the screen (WVGA)
  • App is very light and has low memory use
  • Two languages: English & Russian

Download Link:

Requirements: Windows Mobile Phone, Touchscreen

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