FindMe by SMS- Get GPS Location Of Your Lost Windows Mobile By Sending SMS

by mohit on November 24, 2009

FindMe by SMS is very interesting windows mobile app for free which enables its user to get GPS location of device by sending an sms to it.


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5



  1. Install FindMeSMS on the Windows Mobile phone to be tracked.
  2. Send SMS to the tracked phone. SMS message must have this code in it: fm?
  3. Receive SMS reply. Click on the link in SMS reply to display map showing location.

The above said three simple steps will bring this simple yet effective app to work on your windows mobile device.


FindMe by SMS is a pocket pc software developed by adam2022 from xda-dev. A very important thing to keep in mind before downloading and using this app is that- It can be PIN protected, that means only those who know the PIN can find out the location and others cannot. If PIN protection is enabled then the query SMS needs to include the PIN. eg: fm?1234


If GPS is not available then FindMeSMS replies with link that includes the CellID (telephone tower) information, and clicking on the link in the SMS message will bring up a map showing location of the phone tower with which the phone is communicating.


The best part about this app from xda developers is that it does not drain the battery. It  starts only when the SMS is received, and stops running after  the response had been sent. And on the top of that it Restarts automatically if phone is power cycled.


Person whose location is queried is not alerted that their location is queried. So you can use this app any day, any time, anywhere on this planet to track the windows mobile device just by sending a sms to  it.


DOWNLOAD findme by sms free for your windows mobile phone.

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