Finger Touch Friendly Keyboard For Windows Mobile Phones

by Kabir on March 23, 2010

If you are fed up of using the keyboard of your Windows phone, then there is a reason for you to smile. The new keyboard, Pocket CM, is a user friendly, finger friendly and more efficient which has been launched. With Pocket CM keyboard it’s a whole a new experience now. It offers a visible feedback for the key currently pressed, the key changes as soon as we remove our finger. Smart suggestions also pop-up when based on key positions.

Key Features of Pocket CM include

  • It’s finger friendly, also it’s faster than it’s predecessor
  • It has an in-built dictionary which will suggest the user words based on letter positions
  • It can be customized.  For Example, as can been seen clearly in the above screenshot that keyboard is customized to “azerty” in place of “qwerty”
  • It can be used in any application
  • A new feature has been added, which is Accent recognition and suggestion. With the help of this feature the dictionary identifies the word itself based on letter positions and thereby suggests the word. Thus, reducing headache for the user

Another important point which should be noted here is that, the action takes place when you release your finger from the key and not when you press it. Thus, it’s a different concept introduced here which hopefully will be accepted widely with open hands by the users.

The mobile software with main requirement is Windows mobile 5.0 can be downloaded from this link

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