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by Abhishek on September 23, 2008


PudokuS60 is nothing but Sudoku game made available for s60 phones. PudokuS60 generates unlimited number of new random puzzles each time so the probability of you encountering the same puzzle again is very less. You can also generate new puzzles and solve them also. The instructions to play the game are included in the help which are quite comprehensively explained.

Instructions regarding pudokus60:

1. To enjoy and play the game seriously you must turn off the auto correct option otherwise it would keep assisting you in the game and will correcting you for the errors you commit.

2. To start enjoying the game you should download the game into your phone and you can do so either by directly downloading into your phone via your phone’s browser or you can send it to your phone from pc and install it.

3. The game is divided into 9 blocks and each in all there are 9 rows and 9 columns. You need to enter the numbers in each box in such a way that no same number is repeated in that column or row.

4. Each box, row and column must have a unique number and proceed like this to complete the game.

5. One of the major problem which is bound to happen is the certification error and if it happens it is always recommended to contact the application developer. And if this doesn’t work out the alternate solution to this is given below but this solutions comes at the cost of little security.

What you need to do is go to Tools then Application manager then click Options and then Settings. Change "software installation" to "All" from "Signed only" and "Online certificate check" to "off".

Supported List of Phones:



N76,N77,N80,N81,N91,N91,N92,N93,N93i,N95,and new N- and E-Series devices.

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